Thursday, July 1, 2010


Be free, dear graduate. That's what my advice is:
And if it's trouble for which you hunger,
Don't wait for midlife to have your crisis.
It's better to do it when you're younger.
Don't wait until you're older and at the pinnacle
And people fawn over you and hail your
So-called achievements. Not to be cynical,
But youth is the best time for a big bold failure.
You won't learn this from reading Plato or Socrates:
But rather than average, why not go for Really Really Bad?
Better to be a fool than one of the mediocrities.
And a major failure can bring you closer to your dad.
Fritter away your dough. Don't plan, don't build.
He's waiting. That fatted calf needs to be killed.

-Garrison Keillor, from his recently published book "77 Love Sonnets".

It is time to share between us the words we find beautiful, those which grasp at some deeper part of ourselves, time to share the delicious slice of cake between us all.

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